Integrative Counsellor and Yoga Therapist

Integrative Counsellor and Yoga Therapist

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I am a very unique Integrative Counsellor who is highly trained and specializes in many modalities.
My mission and passion in life is to assist you in finding, sustaining and thriving in long-term recovery from your form of dis-ease and suffering.
I am unique because I interweave traditional healing methods with several ancient time – proven practices. By combining these modalities I help you find the health and freedom you seek and then teach you how to access it yourself in everyday life.
I offer you well over 18 years of experience – Specializing in Anxiety and Depression, Addiction, Agoraphobia, Self Esteem Issues, Phobias, Chronic Pain, Eating Disorders and so much more using CBT, Somatic Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Holistic Health Coaching, Recovery Coaching and Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapy to provide a solid, restorative and deeply transformative experience for you.
With my counselling, you will become empowered to live in a healthy and balanced state that you will be able to maintain for your entire lifetime.
I offer private, confidential, individualized, interdisciplinary, traditional or non-traditional counselling tailored to suit you and your needs.
Skype, Phone and Office Sessions are available. 

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For a free 15 minute Phone Consultation call Kelly: 403-968-4487


-Licensed Counsellor
Professional Member of Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association
-Certified Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist
-Professional Member of Canadian and American Hypnotherapists Associations
-Professional Member of  International Association of Yoga Therapists
-Professional Member of Yoga Alliance (American & Canadian)
-Certified Moving Beyond Addiction Counsellor
-Certified Addiction Recovery 2.0 Coach

-Certified Holistic Health Coach
-Certified Yoga Therapist